Association Euro Bank account for Annual Subscriptions

New Subscription Option for Republic of Ireland Membership

Until now we have only offered payment options in pounds sterling for membership renewal. We have created a Euro Bank account for the International GP14 Class Association which is available now for payment of annual subscriptions. This is mainly designed to make it easier for Irish members living in the Euro zone to pay for their subscriptions to the class association. The options for payment are via standing order or direct via on-line banking, but there is currently no option for direct debit or card payment into the Euro account.  The following rates have been agreed by the UK and Irish Association Committees ;

Full Membership rate

For payment by Standing Order – These should be made payable on 1st January each year – The amount payable is 35 Euros ( Discounted rate). We have a very strong preference for payment by standing order, and recommend that you use this method. We will send a reminder about this in December 2018.

For payment by on-line banking ( BACS) – These are due from 1st January  each year – The amount payable is 38 Euros ( Full rate)

Transitional arrangement for 2018 only – Any member that has not already paid for 2018 and pays on-line before 1st July will qualify for the discounted rate of 35 Euros, and after 1st July the rate will revert to 38 Euros. Ideally we would have liked to have the account operating for 1st January 2018, but this wasn’t possible hence the transitional arrangement.

Other Subscription rates

Associate – By Standing Order and BACS  – Euros 29.50

Youth – By Standing Order and BACS – Euros 19.00  ( Age limit is under 22 years on 31st Dec 2018)

How to pay

  1. Please use following bank details to pay
  • Account Number – 16349261, Sort Code – 60-72-01
  • IBAN  : GB35NWBK60720116349261
  • Account Name – GP14 Class Association
  1. Please put your initials, surname and boat number in the reference field, so we can recognise who is paying.
  2. If possible, please email the office on [email protected] to advise you have set up a payment

Please note that the option to pay direct to the Association by existing methods in pounds sterling are still available.