Many GP14 sailors prefer to relax and cruise with their boats than race. In the UK these members are represented by Oliver Shaw, who oversees and coordinates our activities over the year.

Oliver can be contacted on email via and if you have a cruising activity at you club to which you would like to invite Association attendance hewould be pleased to hear from you.


Cruising week 2019

We are planning to reinstate the ‘cruising week’ next year as part of the GP14 National Championships, which are to be held at Abersoch from 3rd to 9th August. This is a superb venue for sea sailing and it offers some good cruising destinations. It is always popular with the racing crowd so there will be plenty of GP14 company and fun!

Events in 2018

Spring Cruising weekend 26/27/28 May: camping and sailing on Bassenthwaite, including a day-trip on the Monday to explore Derwent Water. Good tea rooms destinations guaranteed! More details

July 7/8: join with Toddbrook Sailing Club and enjoy a weekend of scenic sailing in Wales  on Lake Bala.

July 15/16: we aim to explore Poole harbour while the racers battle it out at the GP14 Open. Details have yet to be finalised but this is a superb cruising destination and we hope the location will appeal to those who live in the south of the country.

1/2 September: Sail on the expansive waters of Loch Lomond in the west of Scotland. This event will be running in conjunction with the GP14 Scottish Championship so there will be plenty of apres-sail fun to be enjoyed!

22/23 September: Cruise the Ouse to York from the RI Sailing Club, and if your boat is a Series One, come and enjoy some friendly competition for the Round Holes Trophy on the Saturday. Excellent post-race cake guaranteed!

If you would like to raise any questions in the meantime please feel free to drop an email to Oliver Shaw or Steve Parry via

Top tips for a good weekend

  • Check your trailer in plenty of time, particularly tyres and bearings.
  • Make sure the boat is all in good working order (cruisers are a friendly bunch and will be happy to help you with unforeseen problems but it can be frustrating if the whole expedition is delayed while a boat is rebuilt!)
  • Do not forget the paddle.
  • Be sure that your competence matches the expectations of the event. Ask for advice in advance if in doubt, (some events will suit a comparative novice other may me more demanding).

Past Events

Bassenthwaite Cruising Capers

Round holes Trophy

 Round Holes 2017