The idea is to offer boats/spars/sails/trollies/trailers to anyone wishing to assemble or restore a usable GP14 at the minimum of cost.

Any items should be offered for free or for a donation to the GP14 Association if you wish.

Add your items below by using the “Submit Classified Advert” page – select the “Recycling” category on the form.

You can ask for parts if you are trying to get into sailing, or maybe to restore/rebuild an older GP14 at minimum cost.

Of course responsibility for checking fitness of any item lies solely with the takers!

This is a GP14  Association initiative purely for members, and the Association does not warrant or check any items offered.

Superspars mast.

Older superspars mast. Wire main and jib halyard intact. No blocks or sheaves. One spreader missing. Straight and very little, if any corrosion. Square tenon. Free to collector.